The internet: a wealth of knowledge at the fingertips of anyone able to find Wi-Fi or data. It’s full of resources that enable users to become a specialist in just about any area of interest: including the marine industry. Green Marine Monitors wanted to join the conversation, and that’s why we launched our YouTube Channel.

From the actual ship’s materials to the electronic packages that help guide the pilot, there are many parts to think about when building a vessel. When it comes to making a choice for which products to place in these quality boats, how does one cipher through the chaos and pick the ones that will best meet his or her needs?

At Green Marine Monitors, we like to be of assistance to our customers and interested parties, however, we are not experts in all the different aspects and pieces that go into a boat. On the other hand, we are specialists in marine monitors and are uploading videos to educate viewers on how to evaluate marine displays and what to consider before purchasing a marine monitor.

We won’t deny that we think we have the best product for many boat owners, however, our goal in these videos isn’t to push our brand but really to educate and help those stuck perhaps in making the decision for what marine display will best meet their needs.

Go ahead and check these videos out, and subscribe to the channel to be notified when new information is uploaded. We love to help others feel more confident about our products and t marine monitors in general. So, connect with us and ask questions; it’s always our pleasure to be of assistance.