Green Technology

For many, “green” products may carry a negative connotation. Rest assured, our advanced “green” technology has as many benefits for you as for the environment.

LED Backlights

The heart of our technology is our 3rd generation LED backlight systems which are integrated across our entire product line. Our LED’s do not contain any toxic mercury like older CCFL technology backlight systems, but that is just the beginning of their benefits. Our LED backlight systems also:

  • Last longer (on average nearly twice as long as CCFL’s)
  • Require less power
  • Generate less heat (the enemy of electronics)
  • Generate low EMI (interference, noise)
  • Are more rugged (anti-shock, anti-vibration)
  • Are easier to dim

RoHS and WEEE Compliant

All of our electronic components have been certified RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive) and WEEE (Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment) compliant. Meeting these directives required us to redesign many components. Now every electronic circuit board in our products incorporates new “state of the art” technology.


Slim Case

Our new (miniaturized) electronics and low heat design allow us to package all our components into a much smaller case. The result is our monitors will take up less space on your bridge which may permit you to move up to the next larger size. Also, our industry-leading slim design cases (2 1/4 inch depth) will fit into shallow spaces other monitors won’t, giving you more options for installation. Finally, since our cases are smaller, less aluminum is required to manufacture them. Our savings in natural resources results in you saving financial resources.

Energy Efficient Power Supply

Our 9-36VDC fully isolated, power supply is an electronic “work of art.” It is extremely efficient while generating very little heat and EMI ensuring reliability and longevity. Our power requirements are the lowest in the industry.

Manufacturing Processes

Since we design all of our own sunlight readable panels, electrical components, assemblies, and sub assemblies, we are not shipping materials from all over the world to build our products. In fact, most of our suppliers are located within a few miles of our manufacturing facility. Furthermore, all stocking of materials, assembly, quality testing, packaging, and shipping is accomplished at our single factory. We ship one time from our factory to our distribution centers and finally to our customers. This results in an extremely small carbon footprint per unit and allows us to pass on the cost savings from our streamlined supply chain to our customers.