Charles A. Donadio Jr., President of Atlantic Wind Transfers and Rhode Island Fast Ferry, owns and operates the Atlantic Pioneer, the first US flagged offshore wind farm crew transfer and service vessel. Donadio is also one of Green Marine’s faithful customers and we are thrilled to see the Atlantic Pioneer’s success upon receiving the WorkBoat’s 2016 Boat of the Year award.

Q: Why did you feel that Green Marine Monitors would be the best choice for the first wind farm transfer vessel?

Donadio: Based on the history of our relations with Green Marine Monitors. Green Marine is a good economic choice compared to other monitors out there and the support has been great. We have always been very pleased with how the monitors work and we haven’t had any problems with them. Our crew can see everything on the monitors both at night and during the day.

Q: What are the monitors being used to display?

Donadio: The monitors are being used for everything, navigational software, weather overlay, camera systems, FLIR night vision, everything we need to see on the screen appears on the monitors.

Q: You mentioned Green Marine’s support being a key factor for your trust in our monitors. What has made Green Marine’s customer support stand out?

Donadio: We have had some technical questions regarding the monitors and reached out to Keith and his support and he has responded immediately on any issue that has come up without skipping a beat. Having technical support where you can reach out and connect with someone immediately on the phone and they respond to you right away to answer questions and troubleshoot problems is very important in this industry, especially with electronics.

Q: What other experiences have you had with Green Marine’s displays?

Donadio: We have Green Marine monitors on our entire fleet, and we just swapped out older monitors last spring on our largest high speed ferry.

Q: What’s next for you and the offshore windfarm industry?

Donadio: We are positioning ourselves as the leader in this industry, so we have plans to continue building these vessels in the years to come.

“We are always excited to be a part of our customer’s success stories,” said Keith Grapes, President of Green Marine Monitors. “We always aim to develop the very best products and continue to enhance them to stay at the forefront of technology. It’s a huge complement to our business to be a part of such an innovative vessel like Atlantic Pioneer. It feels like we are a part of history.”

Donadio’s 20 plus years of marine transporting experience and central location near the Block Island wind farm made his company the leading contender to win the 20 year Deepwater Wind contract and build the $4 million vessel.

Congratulations again to Charles Donadio and everyone involved with the success of the Atlantic Pioneer. If you are looking for a top end product for your next marine build, contact us. We’d love to be of service.